Understanding the Various Food Delivery Options

Online food delivery in Europe will reach a market value of roughly €54.7 billion by 2027. How can your restaurant tap into this growth while keeping more of your profit?

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Food delivery apps— aka aggregators—may be the most popular option, but there could be a better way:

  • Learn how to minimise high commission fees that aggregators like Uber Eats or Glovo charge

  • Find out how you can reduce kitchen chaos from multiple delivery tablets while saving money

  • Discover how a third-party logistics partner could be the key to providing quality delivery without sacrificing profit margins
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“Running a restaurant takes a village—one piece of technology isn’t enough to help food businesses provide a memorable experience. Restaurants can stay ahead of the competition by embracing these emerging technologies and adapting to the changing needs of their customers.”

John Gillan, UK General Manager, Stuart